Mobiles with 5 cameras: reality or fiction?

The camera in the “smartphone” is one of the main characteristics in which users are set and, therefore, a vital issue in which companies invest a lot. The photographic capabilities of mobile phones have evolved over time. And, for now, it has been leaked that LG, Samsung or Nokia have plans to assemble modules with up to five lenses that would be able, at most, to approach the capabilities of traditional SLR cameras.

The photographic capabilities of «smartphones» are vital characteristics for users when deciding on a terminal. But also by the companies, which invest in terminals with better and better cameras. The culture of the image that reigns in society dictates this and therefore the “selfie” camera, the double camera or the portrait mode were incorporated. But, five cameras in a phone? It’s possible? What’s more, does it make sense to do it? The objective is, therefore, to improve the high dynamic range, to overcome the levels that are increased by the optical zoom of the most advanced mobile phones and to take even more advantage of the algorithms in charge of delivering photos in different scenes.

As reported by the specialized media «IT Home», Nokia intends to return through the big door in the market of telephony with a «smartphone» of great photographic capacity thanks to its five main cameras. This design is quite original since it would take advantage of those five lenses that would be accompanied by a laser and flash sensor distributed as a kind of hive. A solution, by the way, that has also been associated with the next Samsung Galaxy S10. As usual, without official confirmation by the brand.

In addition, this summer HDM Global, the company that sells Nokia, announced that it was once again collaborating with Carl Zeiss in its terminals. It is a popular German company specializing in optical and state-of-the-art imaging technology. It should be remembered that Zeiss and Nokia always worked together until Microsoft bought the firm of “smartphones”. Thus, the alleged five cameras, which can be seen in the image is signed by Zeiss, are arranged in the form of a hexagon next to the flash in the new “smartphone” that could be the next Nokia 9 or Nokia 10.

Something, of course, never seen. Until now, the most similar thing that exists in the market is the Huawei P20 with triple camera: a monochrome of 20 megapixels, another main of 40 megapixels and the telephoto, of 8 megapixels. The Nokia would come, therefore, to improve this option, incorporating a wide-angle sensor and another telephoto. The result of all this would be photographs with a hitherto impossible zoom, spectacular portraits and amazing photographs. But, at the moment, everything is speculation. The same happens with the LG V40, with five cameras as well: two front (8Mpx and 5) and three rear (12 megapixels and focal aperture F.5, 16 megapixels and aperture F1.9 and 12 megapixels with F2.4).


In recent years, double cameras have become popular. An idea that Apple has bet very strong from the iPhone 7 Plus model and that many other terminals have incorporated. Although its result is really debatable, the objective of this configuration is to play with the depth of field and achieve more spectacular portraits where the foreground is highlighted thanks to the background more or less out of focus. With a specific computer system, the silhouette of people and objects are “cut” with more or less success. Something in which the algorithms used have a major importance.